So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Weekly Product Spotlight

Most people know the importance of taking care of themselves and know it’s important to eat healthy and exercise but few realize that the health of your feet can make a huge difference in your overall health. Happy feet translate into happy knees, back, hips, etc. I take footwear seriously and when I run I wear LOWA’s Innox EVO GTX LO because it is the only running shoe that I have found that not only provides the proper support for my long runs, but it doesn’t wear out after a month or two of really hard training. Some of my other favorites are Renagade GTX Mid (to the left) because whether I stand all day at the range or hike all day my feet just don’t hurt or get sore. Check them out at
Taccom Shooting’s accessories
In 3-gun it makes a difference what equipment you use. There are a lot of different aftermarket products out there and not many are designed by shooters. That is why I like Taccom’s products. They are designed by shooters for Shooters. I use Taccom’s shotgun tube extension, shell caddies, ar mag extensions and many more of their awesome products. If you want something that is proven in competition, check out Taccom’s awesome line of products at
Tactrainers Airsoft Targets
When it comes to training and getting trigger time in there never is enough time or ammo. I live on a range but I still don’t have enough ammo and also don’t have the best weather to practice every day. To help me with this so I can still get the trigger time in, I use airsoft. Tactrainers has all the same targets you shoot at in competitions, but they are incredibly affordable and you can shoot bb’s at them all day and not hurt the bank. In Colorodo when it’s snowing outside, I can still get the practice I need when I just set up targets in the basement or garage. Try it out, it is the best training alternative that I have found out there.