So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Weekly Product Spotlight

MGM Targets
When people think of steel targets they think of MGM. Mike Gibson and his family have been making steel targets for military and civilians for years and have some of the most durable and dependable targets on the market. MGM recently donated tons of steel targets for use at the She Never Quit event that raises money for widows of Navy Seals. Not only do they make great targets, they are great people! Thanks MGM for all your support and for supporting or service men and women and their families!
JP Enterprises JP-15
The rifle pictured to the right has won over 10 High Lady titles and has won numerous all rifle stages even beating out the men in 3-gun matches this year and in 2016. With over 100,000 rounds through it, this rifle is still going strong and shooting great groups. Light weight but still deadly at long range this rifle is perfect for just about any 3-gun match from bay stages to long range to natural terrain. My favorite rifle to date and one that I have to keep a close eye on because many of my male competitors keep threating to walk off with it when I’m not looking ;). Check them out at
Lowa Boots and Shoes
When it comes to shoes and boots I am probably one of the pickiest people on the planet. Not because of looks but because they have to withstand and hold up to hours and miles of abuse and keep my feet happy. Not something easily done with the abuse I put shoes through. Lowa is the only shoe and boot out there to stand up to the test and keep my feet happy. From running, to hiking, to walking, to hunting, to travel, to everything in between Lowa has a shoe for that. Check them out at