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Weekly Product Spotlight

Trijicon Lens Caps
Trijicon makes rifle scope lens caps that can keep your scope lens dry in a rain storm while competing, training or hunting. It's a good idea to have a lens cap on your scope to keep the elements out, but if you don't have one then get one from Trijicon today. They are also easy to snap off and get ready to shoot if need be. So keep your scope's lenses covered to avoid an obstructed field of view when it counts and get a lens cap, They have saved my hunt or match on more than one occasion!
In 3-gun it makes a difference what shot shells you use (I use Fiocchi), and it also make a difference how you carry your shot shells. Because we are shooting from so many different positions, it is important to have shell shell cadies that you can pull your shells from easily, but that won’t fall out if you happen to lay on them, bump them, or fall on them. I have found that not matter what the situation, Taccom shell caddies keep your shells in place and also allow you to pull them easily for loading. Made by shooters for shooters, Taccom has a large line of products that can help improve your performance in a match.
Smith Optics
When it comes to protecting your eyes I take it very seriously. Not only do I want to protect my eyes from projectiles on the range, but my sensitive blue eyes need protection from the sun as well. Especially living at altitude where the sun is much more dangerous and can do more damage than at low altitude. I have been using Smith Optics for over 15 years to protect my eyes from harm. Smith Optics has ballistic lenses, polarized lenses and UV lenses that can fit whatever activity you are doing. Check them out at