So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Weekly Product Spotlight

Weekly Product Spotlight:
Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6x24
When it comes to 3-gun, you have to have an optic that will do it all. From 15 yards to 600 yards you need an optic that can help you quickly transition from near to far and back with a clear sight picture. We had a choice when it came to optics and we choose Trijicon because of their unmatched reliability, incredible products that are made in the USA and also the incredible people behind the products. We use their AccuPoint 1-6x24 for most of our 3-gun competitions because very few scope out there on the market actually have a true 1-6 power, most will start at 1.5 and when transitioning and shooting at close range targets as fast as you can, you need that 1 power. We couldn’t be happier with our choice in optics.
LOWA- Those must be comfortable shoes!
I know I’m stealing a quote from Forest Gump, but we have found a shoe that has survived the Tracy and Lanny Barnes test and is very comfortable. We are harder on most products than a majority of people out there because we take them further and push them harder than anyone else. I know what you are thinking, it’s not because we are purposely trying to break them or wear them out, but because of the training we do and our stubbornness to never give up until we have reached the top or reached our goals, we truly put things to the test. Lowa boots makes a shoe called the Phoenix GTX. It has survived our test and it what we wear in a majority of our competitions.
TacTrainers Airsoft Target systems
How much fun is it to shoot airsoft. Well probably not as much fun unless you have some of the TacTrainers Airsoft Targets! Tracy and I use airsoft as a training tool to help us improve our shooting and also to teach others how to shoot in a controlled environment. It is a great training tool and can take the capital B out of Boring when it comes to dryfire. With targets that look and react the same as the ones you will encounter in competition, what’s not to love. You can set them up anywhere and will save you time and money if you can’t make it to the range every day to shoot.