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Weekly Product Spotlight

Trijicon Accupower 1-8x28
I don't take chances out in the field by settling for mediocre equipment. Having competed in the highest level in sports I know the importance of good equipment. The same goes for hunting. Trijicon, Inc. scopes are the only thing I can trust to hold my zero when in the field or competing because it has been proven time and time again. Check out their new Trijicon Accupower 1-8x28-
Africa is an incredibly large and desolate country. Every time we went into the bush our out on the planes hunting I wanted to make sure I had plenty of water with me to stay hydrated in the 90+ heat and all day hiking. Camelbak packs give you enough space to carry a day’s worth of water without feeling the effects of it at night and allow room for other important things like snacks and sheds . One of my favorite packs and the one I trusted in Africa is the MULE. I use it for hunting, hiking, biking, travel and at the range. Check it out at-
When they first came out with the DVC 3-Gun I literately drooled. Not only is it the most beautiful pistol out there, it shoots so accurately, is flat shooting and the trigger and the slide are like butter. Now that I have put it through the test and have won countless High Lady titles with it, I am convinced that there is no better pistol out there. You can say I’m “One with this gun” as Babes with Bullets Founder Deb Ferns always says. Check it out