So Many Targets In So Little Time…

She Never Quit event 2017

The first 2 weeks in October, Tracy and I attended the 3rd Annual She Never quit event at Marcus Luttrell’s (The Lone Survivor) Ranch in Texas.. The She Never Quit Event was held on Marcus Luttrell's (Lone Survivor) Ranch down in Texas. Melanie Luttrell (Marcus' wife) was our host for the event. It was the 3rd annual event were we brought in women from all across the US who pay to experience what is the latest and greatest in the firearms and outdoor industry as well as raise money for a Charity called "All In, All the Time" that supports windows and families of fallen navy seals that are struggling to pay the bills. When one of our service members is killed in action, the widows are given a one-time $10,000 payment and month to move out of their on base housing. You can imagine that for many families a move and trying to find an income can be difficult as there are no other benefits given long term for these widows. All of the proceeds go directly to All In All The Time. 

The events include a "firearms petting zoo" where the lady attendee's got the opportunity to try firearms from over 12 different manufactures as well as receive shooting instruction from some of the top lady shooters/instructors in the country for rifle, pistol and shotgun. They also shot on all different kinds of steel targets graciously provided by MGM Targets (our official target sponsor). There was also archery, lessons in how to back up a trailer, yoga, massage a photo safari on the ranch (they have a lot of exotics on the ranch), a silent auction, and more. 

The last two years the event generated a lot of publicity and was featured on TV, magazine and many online publications. The website for the event with more info is Thanks to the many sponsors that are supporting this event including several of my sponsors- MGM Targets, Fiocchi, and Explorer Cases.