So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Championships Update

JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Shoot
My favorite match is the JP Rocky Moutain 3-gun World Championships. Not only was it our first 3-gun match 3 years ago, it is set in the southernmost part of the Rocky Mountains, it’s at altitude and it’s physical. For Tracy and I you can’t get a better combination. A lot of shooters avoid matches like this because of the physical demands, but Tracy and I jump at the opportunity. Although we don’t have to work as hard physically than when we competed in biathlon, the shooting is definitely more challenging. From shooting off of reverse stairs, to an all pistol stage with over 40 rounds running up a long gully with targets hidden at every turn, this match has it all. I (Lanny) finished 1
st Lady in Limited scope/tac ops and finished 2nd in the ladies shoot off on the final day. Every year they have a shoot off against the top ladies, juniors, and teams. I won my first heat against Candice Horner and then narrowly missed winning the second heat against Becky Yackley. You can see the videos from the event on our facebook page, Sisters of Shooting.