So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Babes With Bullets Montana

Babes with Bullets Pistol Camps in Montana
The last two weeks I was at Ranch owned by Mars Corp. on the Montana/Wyoming boarder as an instructor and celebrity Chef for the Babes with Bullets Ladies Pistol and Diamond Camps. The first camp we had a big group of ladies, mostly beginners, that over the course of 2.5 days went from on the first day having never touched a firearm or had a big fear of them to the last day running a 9mm safely and proficiently through several USPSA style competition stages. It is always a pretty amazing transformation in these women! The next camp was the Babes with Bullets Diamond Camp. With only one a year, the diamond camp combines luxury with shooting rifles, pistols and shotguns. I was the Celebrity Chef and besides shooting with some of the best female instructors in in the US the ladies also did horseback riding, fly-fishing, river float trips, massages, yoga, and other fun activities.