So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Weekly Product Spotlight

Shaklee Energizing Shake Mix
I am doing a Shaklee Energizing Shake Mix Packet (30 servings) giveaway on my facebook page (Lanny Oakley). This baby can almost get you through the end of the year! If you like shakes, exercise or are going to get into it, want to try something that is Non-GMO, gluten Free, lactose free, no artificial flavors, and is packed full of good stuff and tastes like chocolate milk (I can send Vanilla to the winner if you don't like chocolate). The ticket to winning this puppy is to tell me your favorite thanksgiving meal and tag a person you want to share it with next week. Happy early Thanksgiving!
Hogue Stocks
When it comes to stocks and grips, Hogue has the best reputation in the US. Rugged, Reliable and made to withstand any weather and still allow you to hang you’re your firearm, Hogue can handle anything. I have put them to the test in my 3-gun matches, hunting and years of tough training and they still look as good as they did the day I put them on and still grip. They also have great products like knives, bags and other accessories. Check them out at
JP Rifles
The rifle I use has won over 10 High Lady titles and has won numerous all rifle stages even beating out the men in 3-gun matches this year and in 2016. With over 100,000 rounds through it, this rifle is still going strong and shooting great groups. Light weight but still deadly at long range this rifle is perfect for just about any 3-gun match from bay stages to long range to natural terrain. My favorite rifle to date and one that I have to keep a close eye on because many of my male competitors keep threating to walk off with it when I’m not looking ;). Check them out at