So Many Targets In So Little Time…

4th at Texas 3Gun Champs

Texas 3-Gun Championships
The Texas 3-Gun Championships is guaranteed to be a “Texas sized” match with not only bosting some of the largest number of competitors but they also have 10 very challenging stages that keep the shooters on their toes at every shot. Last year was my first year competing in this match and I walked away with a 4th place in the ladies and a lot of things to work on. This year despite having some hiccups throughout the weekend I ended up 2nd place in the ladies and felt that my shooting had improved from the previous year. I shot on a squad with some of the top shooters and really learned a lot shooting with them and watching how they strategize and plan out their stages. Next year I am going to be heading back to the match and hoping to come home with the High Lady title. The match this year had a really fun all pistol stage that was sponsored by STI International. I shoot their STI DVC 3-Gun 9mm 2011 in all my competitions and was happy to have the 2nd fastest time behind Athena Lee who is one of the best pistol shooters in the country. I also shot a stage that was sponsored by JP Enterprises and was 1st lady on that stage. I shoot the JP-15 Precision Rifle and couldn’t be happier! Thanks to JP for the entry in to the match!