So Many Targets In So Little Time…

High Lady at Blue Ridge 3-gun Champs

High Lady at Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championships
For the second year in a row, I attended the Blue Ridge Mountain 3-gun Championships. Last year was a very challenging match and an incredible learning experience. I had some great stages and had some horrible stages but I trained hard this year to come back and try a shot at the High Lady title. This year didn’t have as many obstacle courses, but it did have a lot of running, something that I was really looking forward too. I shot a very consistent match and ended up high lady. This match is known as one of the most physical matches in 3-gun, it ranks right up there with Iron Man and Rocky Mountain. I enjoy the physical matches because of my background in Biathlon and enjoy the opportunity to shoot with a little bit of a heart rate in these matches. This year’s obstibles included a rockclimb wall followed by some fast roping as well as pushing a weighted wheel barrow. I was proud of all the women in the match. There was an option to take one of the weighted bags out of the wheel barrow to make it “easier” and as the first person let alone woman in the match to go first on that stage I kept all the weight in and all the ladies that followed did too. It was a great match and I can’t wait to retun next year to defend my high lady title. Huge thank you to Camelbak giving me a slot in the match to compete and for keeping me hydrated throughout the match!