So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Weekly Product Spotlight

Fiocchi Ammunition
Thanks to Fiocchi Ammunition I have never had a malfunction or misfire due to bad ammo. I trust only Fiocchi to keep my guns running smoothing and my shots hitting the target. I have tested Fiocchi in just about every condition and environment and they have worked Flawlessly. From training, to competition, to hunting and self-defense, Fiocchi has just about every round you will need to keep you shooting. Check them out at
Camelbak Hydration Systems
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Everyone tell you to stay hydrated and sometimes it is hard to in certain situations. Camelbak has a solution to just about any situation and can help you stay hydrated, alert and feeling better. From packs to bottles to filtration systems, you don’t have an excuse not to stay hydrated. Traveling or have bad water? No excuses with Camelbak’s All Clear UV filtration system. In just 60 seconds you can take water from a pond and make it drinkable. Check them out at-
Trijicon Binoculars
Whether you are bird watching, hunting, scoping shots, or just want to see things up close, you have to try Trijicon’s Binoculars. They crisp and clear field of view and the 10x42 power allows you to see things with great detail and clarity. They are also light weight and come with a carrying case and harness to help you carry them while out in the field. Check them out today at-