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Weekly Product Spotlight

Weekly Product Spotlight:
Otis DryLube
We first discovered Otis Drylube when we were competing in biathlon. It was the only cleaning and lubrication product out there that didn’t freeze when were skiing and shooting. Most oils and solvents have a tendency to break down and freeze in extreme cold. This can equal into your bolt seizing up and malfunctioning when on the clock. Otis DryLube helped ups compete with functioning firearms through three Olympics and now we use it for 3-gun. Obviously for different reason and that being that by the end of the day in a 3-gun match our firearms have seen and collected more direct than any firearm should come in contact with in a life time. Because Otis Drylube evaporates it doesn’t collect or attract dirt and won’t gum up your bolt or any moving parts.
Sabre Pepper Spray
Sabre doesn’t just make pepper spray products, they also make home security systems and products. I am constantly on the road and many of the hotels, rental houses and even when I’m staying in our RV I want to feel as safe as I do when I’m home. Sabre’s Dorm Apartment Kit not only is great for your college student, but I use it for all of the places I stay at when on the road. It comes with a door stop alarm that can be placed in front of any door and will alert you and anyone in the area when pressure is applied to the door and won’t allow the door to be opened. It also comes with a door/window alarm that can be attached to any door or window and will notify you if pressure is applied to the door/window. It also comes with a mini personal alarm that you can put on your key chain, backpack, purse, or next to your bed to help deter and attacker.
It was love at first sight. I fell in love with the STI DVC 3-Gun 9mm pistol the moment I put eyes on it. Yes, it looks that good! It also shoots and shoots well. I first had the opportunity to try it out at the Shot show in February and have been training with my new STI DVC 3-gun for a while now. It has definitely withstood the test of my rigorous training and I will now be transitioning to competing with the DVC instead of the Maurader this fall at the 3-gun Nation Nationals. It is a thing of beauty and preforms like one as well.