So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Weekly Product Spotlight

Weekly Product Spotlight:
Salute Products
One of the most time consuming things about practicing is resetting all the steel targets and plates. What if there was a target out there that eliminated all of that work and allowed you to just keep shooting. You’d probably run out out of ammo a lot quicker, but you’d spend less time resetting and more time practicing. The geniuses at Salute have come up with targets that reset automatically or by throwing an extra shot at the reset plate. They are all made in the USA and are made out of the best steel.
Fiocchi Ammuntion
After having shot hundreds of thousands of rounds on ammunition over the last 20 years you learn to appreciate good quality ammunition and especially ammunition that doesn’t cause jams or foul up your firearms. We have been using Fiocchi since we started 3-gun and and have relied on it to get the accuracy and dependability that we need to hit our targets. This is what we use for our 3-gun Competitions- Fiocchi Exacta .223 69grain HP FMJ, Fiocchi Hornady XTP JHP 147 grain, Fiocchi Shooting Dynamic Target 12 gauge 1 1/8 7.5 and our favorites are the Fiocchi 12 guage Low recoil Slugs!
TacTrainers Airsoft Targets
If you struggle finding time to get to the range or it is simply to far a drive, then why not practice with Airsoft? We use RedWolf Airsoft pistols and TacTrainers Airsoft targets for training when we can’t get to the range, the weather isn’t cooperating or we are traveling. Getting in the trigger time is important, but not all of us live at a range. We can however set up a airsoft range at our house, in our basement, spare bedroom, garage, etc. with airsoft products and targets. It is more fun than dryfire and it also helps us get that muscle memory and help us improve our skills like trigger, sight alignment, and many more. Try out TacTrainers Airsoft targets. Some of our favorites include the texas star and the polish plate rack.