So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Weekly Product Spotlight

Hogue Stocks
Are you tired of your zero moving around on you? It is probably a result of your face not hitting the cheek piece in the same spot every time, or your face slipping on the cheek piece. Hogue not only makes incribly grippy pistol grips, but they also make grippy cheek pieces, forends, knives and many other great products. Don’t risk the slip when you really need grip, Check them out at
You know that song that goes “I can see clearly now the rain is gone….”? Well, I think of that every time I look through a Trijicon scope. Trijicon’s glass and optics are so clear that it makes even makes our bright blue Colorado sky’s look cloudy. They say you are supposed to shoot for the moon, well you definitely will have a clear view of it with a Trijicon scope. My Trijicon scope of choice is the Accupoint 1-6. It works in just about any conditions and allows me to see targets from 15 yards to 600 yards, check them out at
HIVIZ Sights and a Pro Tip
Ever wonder how you can shave time on your first shot and acquire the sights quicker? I have teamed up with HIVIZ to bring you a Pro Tip on how to do just that. Not only do you have an advantage when using Hiviz because they are so bright you can see them in just about every condition, your peripheral vision can pick up on it a lot quicker than most sights out there. Check out the link to the YouTube video below and see what I have to say about acquiring your sights quicker and cutting down that time to the first shot, also check out the great products from Hiviz on their website-