So Many Targets In So Little Time…

2nd at 3GN Naitonals

3-gun Nation has made their home at the Virginia International Raceway the last two years. Last year the event was held in the middle of a hurricane and several of the stages were thrown out because of flooding. This year they pushed the match back a few weeks in hopes that the hurricane season was over which thankfully it was. Last year was definitely a learning experience and I was hoping to improve this year.

This year they hosted the Nationals at VIR and changed things up a bit by adding class shoot offs. So this year they had a ladies shoot off. I was fortunate enough to qualify 1
st in the Pro category which meant I would be shooting off against Tennille Chidester one of 3-Gun Nations organizers and former Pro Series competitor. We squared off under the lights half way through the Nationals live as the internet and about 100+ people watched. I was happy to win the first round against a great competitor and moved onto the second where I would face Ashley Rheurak. She is a fierce competitor and one I have been pushing hard to beat since I started 3-gun. We squared off and when the gun went off, I was able to get the first shot off and cleared my shotgun and moved onto my rifle with a short lead. I laid down my rifle targets and moved onto the pistol just a few paces ahead of her. As I was knocking down the plates I thought I had cleared them all and moved onto the stop plate and as I hit it and it was falling signaling a win, I noticed one of the plates that I thought I had hit was still standing, a fault. For some reason Ashley did the same thing trying to catch up to me, and faulted on her side as well. We were both granted a re-shoot.

The gun went off again and Ashley and I sprinted to our start positions. It was pretty even until the rifle when Ashley pulled a little ahead of me and was able to get the jump on me on the pistol. From there she stay a target or two ahead of me until the end and I ended up second in the ladies shoot off. Of course I would have loved to have won, but there are several things I could take away from the shoot off. I improved so much from the Pro Series and other shoot offs that I did last year, it was an incredible experience and it has lit a fire inside that has given me motivation to train harder for next year so that if we toe the line again I will have improved even more.
For the main match. I also had a huge improvement from last year. I ended up finished 2
nd woman behind Ashley, but was 17th overall amongst the men. Definitely my best match and an improvement from last year where I was 5th Lady and 87th overall. Next year I have goals of challenging the top men in the match. Thanks to my incredible sponsors for helping to support this dream and providing the world class equipment to make it possible-. Hiviz Sights, UnderTech Undercover, Fiocchi Ammunition, JP Enterprises, STI International, Beretta, 5.11 Tactical, Lowa, Trijicon, MGM Targets, Camelbak, Shaklee, Smith Optics, Hogue Inc., Taccom, Tactrainers Airsoft Target Systems, Explorer Cases