So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Weekly Product Spotlight

Hogue Knives
For all of you organic meat eaters out there, make sure you have a good knife to process your animal this fall. My dad taught me the importance of having not just a good knife, but a great knife when hunting. I love my Hogue Knives and process all my animals with the EX-F02. Processing an animal efficiently and properly to keep the meat from spoiling is very important.
HIVIZ Sights
HIVIZ Sights are bright enough to see in any weather. I have practiced in low light, no light, bright light, and just about any kind of light and HIVIZ has given me the clarity to see in any conditions and be able to pick up that front sight. In low light conditions most of us struggle with crisp, clear vision. Their sights can stand out in any situation and help you pick up that front sight quicker and help you get your shots off quicker and more accurately.
UnderTech UnderCover
When it comes to personal protection, I am no stranger. Having competed all over the world and in high profile events, I take conceal carry and personal protection seriously. Just like many of our government’s agents and LEO’s I use UnderTech Undercover to help keep me safe. Not only is it comfortable and fashionable it works well enough to exercise in and can conceal in almost any situation. UnderTech Undercover gives me the security and confidence I need to continue to do what I do. Please check out their amazing line of products at