So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Two Lessons Learned

Two Lesson's Learned :By Tracy Barnes

Lesson #1:
Don’t touch the rope!

Being prepared for a match means you’ve practiced, you’ve cleaned and maintained your equipment and you know the rules…Rules? What rules? Exactly! The rules are numerous and there are several different sets of rules for the type of three gun match you are in. The rules are mostly put in place to ensure safety, and if not followed carefully, you’ll end up eating ice cream at the local Dairy Queen with a big old “DQ” next to your name on the results. Everyone likes ice cream, but no one likes the embarrassment and shame of a disqualification. The other half of the rules are there to keep competition fair and equal amongst all the competitors.

During my second stage of the 3 Gun Nation Western Regionals last year I finish the stage and the RO informs me that I have 2 Procedural penalties for touching the rope. This was my first 3 Gun Nation event and in previous matches I’ve done you could lean into the rope as far as you could without falling over. Here’s my mistake…I didn’t know all of the rules for the event I was in. Penalties are costly in this game and something as simple as knowing the rules can be an easy way to avoid costly penalties.

Lesson #2: Lube your tube.

Coming from biathlon we used a minimal amount of lubricant on our rifles. We commonly competed in temperatures well below zero and too much lube would freeze and stop your bolt dead in it’s tracks. So, it took me a while to get used to the idea that all three of my firearms needed to be practically dripping with lube. All moving parts need to be well lubricated, especially in this game.

The first day of competition I show up with what I thought was a well lubricated Beretta 1301 shotgun. A shotgun that has never cause me any issues. For two stages including the classifier I had several failures to feed. One of my fellow competitors who also shoots a Beretta suggested that I lube my tube. That is, lube the tube and extension that holds the shells. I wouldn’t have thought to do this, but after his suggestion I did and no more problems! So, besides the more obvious places to lubricate your shotgun, pistol, and rifle try a little lube in your tube and avoid disastrous issues before the happen.