So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Weekly Product Spotlight

Have you ever slipped while hunting & banged your scope on the ground or threw your gun in a barrel at a match in a much more violent manner than any gun should be thrown? Did you find out later that your scope was bumped & your zero is off? I can tell you that I have been there in both hunting & 3-gun before I discovered Trijicon scopes, I ended up missing the shot of a lifetime on an elk & having a frustrating stage at a 3-gun match because the scope I was using at the time couldn’t withstand any sort of impact without repercussions. I can tell you from testing myself both In the field & in important competitions that my Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6x has withstood a beating that no scope should be able to handle. I take everything I do seriously & that translates into being quite rough on myself and my equipment. But to this day, my scope has withstood travel in cars/airplanes, being dropped, thrown, fallen on, and generally roughed up and has held it’s zero. That is a pretty amazing feet!
FIOCCHI 147g JHP 9mm
It is so nice to shoot a round that allows your quicker double taps and has enough know down to take down all the steel targets that we encounter in 3-gun matches with our pistols. We shoot Fiocchi 147g JHP out of our STI DVC 3-Guns. The heavier bullets not only whacks the steel beter but it doesn’t give you as much muzzle rise as a traditional 115 grain or most other ammunition’s out there. Tracy and I rely on only the best when it comes to ammo when we want the highest accuracy and dependability. We also shoot their 12 guage 7.5 10z shot and their 69 grain .223, as well as their amazing low recoil slugs for our competitions. Check them out at
Explorer Cases
3-Gun is a gear intensive sport, so was biathlon. I’ve finally figured out the best way to carry everything you need in one case. Explorer Cases from Internationals Supplies has made a 3-gun hard travel case that has a soft 3-gun case that fits perfectly inside that hard sided case for ease of travel and will also save your weight for travel and allow you to fit more ammo into your bags ;). This hard sided and soft sided case also allows you to fit your long shotgun extension completely into both cases so you don’t have the end sticking out of your soft case collecting dirt and have to tear down your shotgun when putting it into the hard sided case. I haven’t been able to find a better combo. Check them out at