So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Weekly Product Spotlight

After Shooting a match in the dark, I can tell you you’re your sight can make a difference between seeing and just literately taking a shot in the dark. Did you know that HIVIZ now has tritium night sight? How cool! Although I did not use the tritium sight during the match as my HIVIZ front sight was bright enough with the Crimson Trace light I had attached to my STI DVC 3-Gun rail that the combo could have help guide in aircraft, I would recommend the HIVIZ glow-in-the-dark sights for conceal carry or any other night applications. Check them out and their amazing new technology as well as the heart and soul that they have put into their sights at
Camelbak packs
I am a huge fan of being prepared for whatever you are doing? I have been known to bring just about everything but the kitchen sink with me and at 5’3” and not wanting to get any shorter from my heavy loads compacting my spine, I rely on Camelbak packs. They not only help distribute weight in the right areas, they also have water reservoirs built into the packs so you can stay hydrated on your adventures, travels, training, matches, etc. Looking for a pack for a specific event or activity, Camelbak’s got a pack for just about everything except underwater basket weaving and I’m sure a few of their packs might work for that as well . Check them out at
LOWA Boots
Both matches that I shot down in Texas the last couple of weekends were in the rain and muck. It wasn’t necessarily a warm rain either so those shooters who’s feet got wet spent most of the match shivering which can affect your shooting in so many ways. I discovered Lowa boots in my travels overseas but they have been in the US for quite some time. The Germans definitely have figured a lot of things out and are known for making quality products. They definitely have gone above and beyond with their handmade boots and shoes that not only last at least 3 times longer (in my tests) than other shoe and boot companies, but they are made with higher quality materials. Needless to say I not only had warm feet, but amazing grip in that muck!